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Health and Fitness -Summary

health and fitnessIt may sound funny thinking that they got their names from the alphabet but their importance is certainly what the body needs to perform well. There are a good number of vitamins and minerals and each one should be consumed by an individual to let their body work how it should work. Just like vitamin C.

Through ages it has been known that vitamin C can be used as a natural cure for a number of skin problems. The best food sources for Vitamin C are, broccoli, oranges, tomatoes and much more which factors in the production of collagen, a protein present in the connective tissues of the body. This means that it helps in the healing of wounds faster. It improves the flow of blood and lowers cholesterol, which prevents a number of heart diseases.

health and fitnessAnother essential vitamin is Vitamin B which helps in the absorption of nutrients, including calcium and phosphorus, by the intestines. It is present in salmon, mushrooms, cheese eggs and the best source is sunlight. It helps in strengthening our bones and our immune system. It also helps in the regulation of blood pressure, thereby reducing stress and tension. It also helps in relieving the body from various aches by reducing spasms. You can get them from various foods but you can also choose to take health supplements everyday.

Health and Fitness – What’s Needed

health and fitnessWhen it comes to staying healthy, eating the right food is the key and of course keeping yourself active. However, it is not possible to consume food that has complete vitamins and minerals everyday. In order t be sure that your body gets enough of a specific vitamins, it is best to get a vitamin supplement such as vitamin A.

Vitamin A offers multiple benefits and is one of the best vitamins for skin. It promotes good eyesight and problems like night blindness, glaucoma and cataracts can be avoided with a healthy intake of vitamin A found in spinach, carrots, and collard greens.

health and fitnessIt also helps in building immunity in children, and fights cancer causing malignant cells. Another important one is Vitamin B.Apart from various components required by the human body, vitamin B regulates the level of cholesterol and controls blood pressure to ensure that our heart functions properly. A good intake of the vitamin B in food like, chicken, tuna, eggs, etc. ensures that your skin remains wrinkle free and healthy for a long time. Vitamin B also helps in building stamina and strengthens our immune system. If you can supply this to your body, you can be sure it will perform at its finest.